5 Essential Keys to losing weight (Part 2)

5 Essential Keys to losing weight (Part 2)

When you join a FITtec.® EMS studio, you are assigned a personal fitness coach that is focused on you, your transformation and your goals. You are equipped with all the information and tools that you could possibly need to lose unwanted extra weight, build full-body strength and optimize your nutrition. Your personal fitness blueprint is customized to your goals and a roadmap to a successful outcome of your membership here at FITtec.®

5 essential KEYS TO LOSing WEIGHT (PART II)

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September 05th, 2019 by  Shaun Bezuidenhout


In a previous post of our blog we gave you the first two keys. This second post extends that information with the other three keys, and offers conclusions about weight loss.


Achieving your goals guided by a qualified personal trainer will always be the most sensible, rewarding idea and one that delivers the best results. As you grow stronger we will increase in the intensity and / or volume in a controlled manner, always emphasizing strength training as a base to deliver on all your health and fitness goals. If you are strong, while-body strong, everything you do becomes easier.  As we build full body strength, we build muscle, not the big bulky kind but the kind that helps you burn the extra fat. It's scientifically proven and common knowledge that the best way to lose the extra pounds is to incorporate regular resistance training into your workout routine. Is cardio good for you, absolutely, should it be used as way to lose weight, only in addition to resistance training. . Should you include some cardio into your routine, sure, but it shouldn't form your base of losing those extra inches.

Having this clear idea, the body adapts quickly to any stimulus for that, a personal trainer will help you push your limits, break plateaus and “surprise” the body in many ways, thus fulfilling the “principle of variation or novel stimulus” (Bompa, T ., 2015). This is where training with whole-body electrical stimulation, among many other benefits, can be a plus.

Guided by a good trainer, doing an assisted training with electrical stimulation and programming variating levels of frequency and other parameters can deliver extra intensity and results to conventional training. All with less time spent in the gym. In addition to being able to help us to increase our caloric intake inside the training and outside of it, it can have a very attractive result on our bodies and can help us to increase the motivation for training as a novel element.


The idea that a good workout must be accompanied with a good eating plan to achieve healthy sustainable results is evident. The science supports this with important studies that the a regular training routines done without optimum nutrition, is not as effective that when these are combined and go hand in hand (Clark JE. Et al 2015).

Which is why at FITtec.® we deliver you a full fitness blueprint, meal plan, meal prep hacks, recipe book, grocery list and much more so you have all the tools you will need to reach those goals that have been very elusive. 

"Here's the basic science, not a diet or nutrition plan but the science that governs our weight loss. If you have a caloric deficit of 500 every day, yielding a deficit of 3500 every 7 days, you will lose a pound of fat over that period. You can use whatever diet or nutrition plan that suits you and gets you there, however those basic numbers will always apply. That 500 calorie deficit can and must be achieved by have a regular work-out routine and controlling what and how much we eat. Use a food log or app (My fitness pal is our favorite) to measure your consumption of food, water and your workout. What isn't measured can't be analyzed for affective results and course correction. "

But should we follow a balanced diet plan only when training? The answer is obviously NO. If we talk about health and quality of life, eating well is not negotiable. It seems evident that we will have to make some sacrifice, which should be of dimensions that we can support. In this way, go forward step by step to acquire nutritional habits as appropriate as we want. For now, it would be ideal to flee from processed and pre-cooked foods and discard sugars. On the other hand, include fruits and vegetables daily and do not forget the consumption of quality protein in any of the meals can be very simple tips that will help make this weight loss more efficient.

Simply put, we don't consume nearly enough of the essential macro and micro nutrients we should. That is why we have teamed up with 1st phorm supplements to assist us in bridging those gaps in your diet. These supplements will help you get and stay healthy for the long term, while also helping you achieve those body transformation goals

As always, the most advisable thing for an advice or nutritional plan is to put yourself in the hands of a professional


Our body undergoes adaptations to training and it recovers and builds when it rests. When we talk about physical exercise, more is not synonymous with better. Over training is a definitive no-no prohibiting your progress and putting you at risk of injury. An efficient rest seems to be fundamental for any person, but even more important is to control the hormonal environments of the people who aim to lose weight. A rest translated in few hours of sleep is related to high levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which can be responsible mechanisms of metabolic disorders, such as high levels of fat (Wazari, R. et al., 1997). Get more sleep, at least 8 hrs!

On the other hand, some meditation programs have proven to be very useful in reducing stress levels and, therefore, improving the hormonal environment. We like apps like Calm which can help you regularly meditate effectively. 

1st Phorm also has testosterone and hormone products to regulate those hormones that get in the way of losing weight and being at our best this is especially true as we hit our middle age years. See them here and let us know if you 'd like to try any. 


Concluding, we must say that losing weight should not be an objective associated with certain months of the year. Being healthy and active should prevail over our aesthetics goals all months of the year and should be a priority above all else, for without our health we don't have much else. It's a lifetime commitment to being healthy, fit and strong, don't rush the process or look for get skinny pills that aren't sustainable. In order to achieve your objectives, the creation of healthy habits based on the combination of physical exercise, nutrition, and supported by quality rest is essential to living a long, abundant life. 

These are the most adherent and sustainable. With the aim to increase the fun, motivation and adherence to the programs, we have the possibility of using elements such as whole body electrical stimulation. Well programmed, it can be a novel stimulus, and surprise our body in the search for caloric expenditure.




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