5 Essential Keys to losing weight (Part 1)

5 Essential Keys to losing weight (Part 1)

75% of our prospective members are looking to lose weight, regain their independence, feel good, look good and have more energy. As we get older, this gets more difficult, that's why it's essential to understand the basics of nutrition and adapt as we go. When you join a FITtec.® EMS studio, you are equipped with all the information and tools that you could possibly need to lose unwanted extra weight, build full-body strength and optimize your nutrition. Your fitness blueprint is customized to your goals and a roadmap to a successful outcome of your membership here at FITtec.®

5 essential KEYS TO LOSing WEIGHT (PART I)

The revolution has begun...

August 19th, 2019 by  Shaun Bezuidenhout


Losing weight is one of the main reasons why people do or think about doing physical exercise, especially the female audience (Sicilia, A. et al, 2014). Of course, aesthetic reasons are high on the list, but currently there are also longevity, vitality, the quality of life and the obvious effect it has on our overall health which is directly correlated to medical expenses. Although sedentary lifestyle, the fourth risk factor for death, is a epidemic that affects the entire world population (Kohl, H.W. et al, 2012), consciousness Citizen seems to wake up at times. In this way, the practice of physical exercise has evolved from practice through recreation to practice due to health issues (Valcarce, M. & Moya, D. 2016). Which is a pity of todays mindset on prevention is better than the cure. 

January or the months before summer are key dates where this objective shines with much strength, we all know that new years revolutions often include a body transformation plan. Often only lasting a couple of months at best.  In our EMS studios, it is important to take care of the details, set out a plan of action and measure your progress, daily. That what is not measured is not achieved. Guessing, and assuming without measuring often results in broken hearts. Here are a couple of tips that can help you better target your goal. 



Build your exercise routine into your daily life as a priority, lean into it 100%, for without your health and strength, nothing else will matter. Prevention is better than the cure. Not will you only be preventing an untimely demise but live a better life, filled with energy and optimism. When we talk about sustainability, we mean that our lifestyle, energy and mobility is extended as much as possible over time, our "Playspan" if you will. Allowing you to live independently into your latter years. And when we speak of adherence, we mean that, although we do not lose sight of the goal, we enjoy the journey. Because the reality is, there really isn't an end goal, body transformation may be your initial goal, however you will need to maintain the status quo once you reach the initial goal. 

Therefore, this change that we want to produce will be achieved by moving each day, some days more than others and eating better. These two items independently won't allow you to live your best life, but together will allow you to feel 10, 15 or 20 years younger, no matter your current age. Likewise, the plan should be enjoyable and doable so you can stick with it, as long as humanely possible. Changing the way we eat and train drastically at the beginning only makes it harder to achieve our goals in the long run. Don' t rush it, nothing done in hurry is doen well.Sustainability and consistency is the key to all successful transformations, body and mind. All construction begins with the solid foundations, and little by little we raise the intensity as we build on each daily win. Compounding those wins of today on those of yesterday will see glowing results down the line, encouraging us to also hold the line when it gets tough. That is why we believe it is essential that setting realistic goals and expectations early on, for the short term can help us achieve our longer term vision. 


While taking a fat burner may help break a plateau or start the engine, it shouldn't be looked at as a long term solution. Our main goal is to create better habits. First and foremost, we should include habits daily in our daily routine to increase physical activity, to move and exercise regularly, and the second, to eat better quality meals in smaller quantities. According to several studies, it takes an average of 66 days for an action to become a habit (Lally, P., 2010). Thus we have developed a sustainable, fun exercise program using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) that is, always guided by a personal coach, that is in a small boutique studio, that is fun and always motivating, these are the fundamentals at FITtec.® that we believe will help you achieve your goals and stick with it for the long term. In addition to exercise,  healthy nutrition is paramount to your success here at FITtec.® and in life, we remove the clutter and help you understand the basics by developing a solid plan of action. 


When we say 'physical activity' we are referring to all kinds of daily movement that your life may and could include, all those that involve an expenditure of energy of course. Also know as calorie burn. All movement burns calories, the higher the heart rate and length of time working out, the more calories you will burn. One of the main objectives when you want to lose weight is to increase the daily energy that we consume. And what better way than to move, thus maintaining an active lifestyle with high levels of physical activity.

There are many and very diverse activities of daily life that encourage us to move. The list below will give you ideas, and please try to stay as active as possible:

Walking the dog, move on foot, rather than by car or public transport. Get out of the car or public transport 10-20 minutes walking from the place where you're heading. Go shopping. Mow the lawn. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Perform household chores. Stay busy. Go for walks, long and short, golf, bike, ski, ride, hike or run. There are a ton of fantastic ways to keep moving, find something that you can fall in love with. 

In a sustainable healthy weight loss plan, science says that having a calorie deficit of 500 per day or 3500 every 7 days, achieved by eating correctly and working out, will reduce your weight by 1pound per 7 day cycle. 

These two ideas are the foundational key to move yourself forward, but they are not the only ones. In the next post we will talk about other fundamental pillars, and even better known as physical exercise, food and rest.

Look out for part two in the coming weeks, where we will wrap up these 5 essential keys to losing weight.

Recap: Create healthy Habits by prioritizing your health and fitness and, always be moving.



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